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Teach Your Class Off™

Don’t wait to become the teacher you’ve always dreamed of being! In this session, Reynolds covers some of the most difficult topics educators attempt to navigate and how you can take your classroom from surviving to thriving!

Topics will include:

  • Creating student engagement
  • Building strong student/teacher relationships
  • Classroom management
  • Time management
    and more.

Whether you’re a new teacher, or a veteran with years of experience, the practical insight and skills that you will learn can be implemented immediately to help you Teach Your Class Off.

Teach Like a DJ

How do we engage students when each year our classes have different needs and learning styles? Like any good DJ, teachers need to be able to read a room and know their crowd. Anything can be taught once you have a captivated audience. In this session, we will discuss how to gain an understanding of how our students learn best and how to create wildly engaging lessons that will make your students want to come to class and become a partner in their own learning.

How to Build Enduring Student Relationships

Knowing how to build positive student relationships is the key to any successful classroom. Strong relationships help minimize classroom management issues and create a positive school culture.In this session, we will work through how to get to know your students and their learning styles so they can have the most successful year possible in your classroom

Real-World Social/Emotional Support for Students and Teachers

Learning how to implement social and emotional support for your students can be a far cry from actually implementing it in your classroom. In this session, we will work through best practices for teachers and their teams that they can immediately put into place in their classrooms to help their students and colleagues through trying emotional times.

Classroom Management

Strong classroom management provides students with a structured safe environment in which they can learn and grow. In this session, we will discuss how teachers can figure out what classroom management styles and strategies are best for them and their students. Teachers will love being able to immediately implement a number of tried-and-true strategies in their classrooms to help students have a successful year.

Preventing Teacher Burnout

All teachers have times when they feel burned out. Finding ways to re-energize your classroom, your lessons, and yourself is essential to having a successful year in the classroom. In this session, educators will learn strategies to help bounce back from burnout and to have the best year ever in their classrooms.

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