It’s Only Ever About the Students

In today’s educational climate of budget shortages, rigid testing standards, and diminishing autonomy in the classroom, how can teachers bring creativity and passion back into their work?

Teach Your Class Off offers educators struggling with these issues and feeling burnt out a way to hit the reset button and reconnect with what energizes them about teaching.

CJ REYNOLDS, well-known to the 45,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, Real Rap with Reynolds, breaks down his methods for learning to teach outside your comfort zone, bringing real-world experiences into your students’ lives, using DJ skills to manage the classroom, and finding a way to make magic in your class despite diminishing resources.

The refreshing honesty of Reynolds’s perspective coupled with his infectious optimism make this a great go-to for any teacher looking for much-needed inspiration.


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Real, raw, and unapologetic, Teach Your Class Off is a wonderful reminder that true teaching is in the little things we do, every day, to connect with and transform the lives of our students.

– Alex Kajitani

Speaker, author, and California Teacher of the Year

Reynolds exudes teacher-of-the-year qualities on every page and through every story. This book is an essential introduction for any teacher looking to connect with their students through trans-formational relationships.

– Kayse Morris
The CEO Teacher®️

Teach Your Class Off is spoken truth meets slam poetry meets education! Just like Reynolds, this book is real, authentic, and relevant. Reynolds doesn’t try to be anything other than himself,and he helps us look at our students and classrooms a little bit differently. Whether you’re searching for inspiration or motivation,this simple, uncomplicated, yet beautifully written book is for you.I couldn’t put it down!

– Hamish Brewer

Author of Relentless

There are two types of teachers: those who simply transmit information and those who facilitate trans-formation. CJ Reynolds is the latter. He understands the importance of reaching the mind through the heart. This book is a must have for anyone who wants to do the same.

– Dr. Dharius Daniels

Lead Pastor at Change Church, author of Relational Intelligence

In a time where education is over-complicated and underfunded, teaching is over scripted and under inspired, and learning is over-assessed and underFUNed, this book will leave you with a thousand kinds of awesome! CJ gives “student centered” fresh meaning, reminding us all that we can inspire and influence students to be “kindness warriors,”and that even teachers with district-mandated scripts and little autonomy over the curriculum can create magic and meaningful memories for our students every single day!

– Jen Jones

K-12 literacy specialist, CEO of Hello Literacy, Inc., author of Get Your Lit Together

The public school landscape is an obstacle course with a growing population of teachers who face naive optimism, savior complexes, or burnt-out disconnection. Reynolds shares a very honest and insightful depiction of his journey to the core of what all students and teachers can achieve despite the roadblocks. Centering relationships, communication, and joy, he has created somewhat of an “unmodel” for meeting a universal set of needs in the classroom and beyond.

– Aja Graydon Dantzler

Recording artist (Kindred the Family Soul), writer, and parent

 CJ Reynolds is a gifted storyteller. His stories entertain, inspire,and lead to serious reflection on what teachers can do to up their game and ultimately their students’ experiences. CJ has dedicated years of his life to giving back to education and educators via speaking engagements, his inspirational YouTube channel, and social media. We finally have his wisdom, tools, and passion wrapped up in a book.

– Tal Thompson

Teacher, family man, speaker, consultant

CJ Reynolds is an educator who has his finger on the pulse of pop culture, pedagogy, and the changing demands of the much-needed teacher workforce. In Teach Your Class Off, Reynolds goes through practical, pertinent advice for educators –  especially young educators who want to create passionate, mission-driven students.
– Don Wettrick

Founder of StartEdUp, podcast host

 I know a lot of educators—like tens of thousands of them—and CJ is in my top five most favorite. Why? Because he cares about kids—all of his kids—and does whatever it takes to make them feel special, give them access to the curriculum, and help put a smile on their face. He shows up every single day with that mission in mind. Teach Your Class Off is like no other book you’ve ever read, and I guarantee you’re going to learn new strategies, laugh, and probably even cry at some of the stories—but you’re going to be a better teacher because of it. Ten thumbs up!

– Adam Welcome

Educator, author, speaker, consultant